Video Production

We create engaging, thought-provoking, entertaining and memorable stories in video format for different channels. Tell us what you need and we cover everything from idea to execution.

Digital Marketing

We provide digital marketing services in Google Analytics, Google AdWords, SEO, E-mail marketing, Facebook marketing, and Content Marketing.

Video as an Influencer

When video content is combined with digital marketing, we consider it an influencer rather than ”just another video”. Video as an influencer does not only reach the right audience and maximize the reach within that specific audience, it also gives total control to brand and brings added value to the consumer.

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Pia is a digital marketing specialist. She loves exploring new countries, cultures and restaurants. Be prepared for a beating if you challenge her at the gym or on the golf course.

Pia is Pialina’s marketing guru. She combines analytical skills with creativity to reach digital marketing solutions that are both innovative and make true business sense. 



Lina is a filmmaker and director, who is passionate about creating engaging stories through video and in finding new business models for film content. Lina’s years abroad have resulted in experiences and knowledge that she uses in her work and her language skills (she is fluent in six languages).

She works with Pialina’s video content, from idea to execution and loves brainstorming ideas over a cup of cold brew coffee.